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Established in 2007, Advanced Product Solution Technology CO., LTD(APS). is located at Dongguan, Guangdong, China. APS offers quality service from in-house innovative design, sourcing, manufacturing, quality control and logistics. We are a global supplier provide exceptional Power Supply from concept to delivery all under one roof.

APS is committed to being a leading provider of innovative and high quality power solutions including Power Supply, Open Frame Power Supply(PCBA), and custom innovative eletronic products. We offers the widest range of power products, professional technical&customer support, and cost reduction programmes.

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  • How to Add More Value to Your Products with our PCBA-1

    The concept of value-added selling has been a popular one for a number of years. The real issue, though, is that in today’s market place where so many products and services are viewed as a commodity, the ability to add value to your product or service is an absolute necessity. There is no doubt that in the absence of value-added components virtually any product or service can be driven down to the most bottom line – price. The problem? When you are only selling price you’ll ...

  • Sharing A Handy Power Tester

    Today I would like to introduce a Showmate. This is a important handtool Power tester Power Z.  I Know this tool at 2015, as one of my customer come to me and show me this tool.  I tried it is good and very convenient. It’s basically a digital multimeter with various USB ports to plug and test different USB cables or ports.  Especially when you are at show, you found a good product and you can test it and found out the electronic performance quick.  I have used few different Brands, POWER Z i...

  • Specification for 65W USB-C GAN Charger

    Product Name 65W USB-C GAN Charger Key Features    1.Industry-leading GaN technology enables highest charging speed for up to 99% of devices. 2.USB-C port with Power Delivery (PD) outputs power up to 65W, fast charges MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPhone 8/8 Plus /X and more 3. Optional USB A ports with QC 3.0 charges  4X  faster   than Conventional ports  and achieves up to 70%  battery  charge  in  as  little  as 30 minutes through QC supported devices 4.. Multiple safety features to p...

  • Will HDMI replaced by USB type C?

    The USB Type-C connector is seen progressively as a widespread connector, since it can uphold quite a few “substitute modes”. That essentially means that your mobile devices turns off the USB association (at least potentially, except for USB 2.0) and permits the utilization of those actual wires for something different. Two of these substitute modes are HDMI and DisplayPort. There’s no benefit in many monitors to help HDMI through Type-C. For one purposes, the video outputs ...