OEM&ODM Difference

What is difference OEM&ODM

An OEM product is made according to the buyer’s product specification. For example, any product with a customized design, material, dimensions, functions or even colors can be classified as OEM. To some, OEM means a product that is designed entirely based on the buyer specification, while others classify even the slightest modification of an existing ODM product design, as OEM.  That said, most would agree that the primary definition of an OEM product, is a product for which tooling (i.e., injection molds) must be produced before production can start.

OEM is for customer who already owned brand and mostly have OEM logo, color and OEM packagings.  APS provide OEM logo designs and OEM packaging designs for them before ordering for free.

The Definition of Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)

An ODM product is based on an existing design, developed by the manufacturer. An ODM product can either be the result of the suppliers own R&D, or a (legal or illegal) replica of another product or brand.  ODM products, which are often called ‘private label products’, can be branded with the buyer’s logo.

We have 2 different ODM customers,

one is ODM pcba ONLY we provide full electronics pcba solution based on customer cabinet , we design and make sure pcba fit customer product casing.  Also we consider CE, FCC, UL and safety regulations make sure product can pass all certifications.

The ther is ODM for full complete product, we have done hundreds of cases for fast charger , power bank , protable power sation and travel adapter.

APS support OEM/ODM service , including Product Design, Prototype, Moulding design, , Logo printing, Package customizing, Certification assistance and Logistic etc. We are keen in providing our clients with customized power solutions to their newly developed or on-going projects.

Post time: Apr-30-2021