• What Is Fast Charging?

    What Is Fast Charging?

    It seems like every new phone promises faster charging, but what do the different standards mean, and are they equally speedy? Understand Fast Charging Being able to quickly charge your phone or tablet can mean the difference between hours of care-free use or scrambling...
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  • What GaN Charger actually is and what it does in your USB charger

    What GaN Charger actually is and what it does in your USB charger

    GaN stands for Gallium Nitride, an alternative to the traditional silicon that has dominated electronics for the last few decades. Gallium nitride has some advantages — a wider band-gap means it’s easier for energy to pass through it, and it has higher limits for the temperatures and power ...
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  • To Be Eco-friendly Manufacturer

    Apple will not include a AC adatper or earbuds with the iPhone 12, as environmental reasons. Apple said it will be able to significantly reduce carbon emissions by not having to make the accessories in the first place, in addition to reducing the shipping box size of each iPhone sold.For the firs...
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  • PCB or PCBA, What Is the difference?

    I heard so many times that our customer said I need  pcb with 18W.  They knew what they want, but they did not know how to say as always misunderstood the PCB and PCBA.  Today I would like to explain the differences. A PCB (Pr...
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  • COVID-19 updated

    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Advanced Product Solution maintains its commitment to providing the safest environment for our customers, partners, and employees while maintaining business operations. Advanced Product Solution  is fully operational, taking and delivering orders to our custome...
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  • What are the differences between PCBA and PCB? Three minutes let you know in seconds!

    Many people are no strangers to circuit boards, but mentioning PCBA and PCB makes many people dizzy, aren’t these two concepts a concept? This is probably the thought of many people. So, what is the difference between PCBA and PCB? Are the two the same? Below, I will discuss with you.     W...
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  • UNINTERRUPTIBLE power supply features

    1. Digital Control UPS system for Lithium Iron Phosphate battery adopts digital control, which has excellent performance, high stability, self-maintenance and fault diagnosis ability, and avoids the risk of device fault. 2. Rack-type planning, Device Portable UPS Battery Specification rack-type P...
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  • Safety


    From the market research, More and More products are recalled and returned each year, expecially for electronic products, like chargers, adatpers, hair care appliances, kettles, irons and toasters, which are recalled more regually than you might think.  Some are no brand, some are famous brand. A...
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  • USB Type C- What It Is and Why You’ll Want it,

    USB Type C- What It Is and Why You’ll Want it,  Exactly, APSCHARGER will explain why you will want it!   What is USB type C??  How this idea come from? It is a new tiny physical connector, similar with Micro USB connector. The standard USB connector you’re most familiar with is USB Type-A. Even a...
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  • Quality priority

    Quality priority

    Quality is our focus, not only with components but our whole service. Once  signed off is achieved we go about manufacturing, making sure our Quality Team is controlling every step of the process.   To make quality charger, we put quality control priority and it covers our daily jobs. As quality...
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  • How to test your external battery ripple without equipment?

    How to test your external battery ripple without equipment? Three tips to check your external battery/power bank ripple, 1. Charge radio with power bank, if radio signal is interfered, it hints you that power bank ripple is too high 2.  Charge your cell phone with power bank, if touch screen r...
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  • GaN Technology

    GaN Technology GaN is  a new generation of ‘wide bandgap’ semiconductor material with 100x faster switching and 20x improved performance than Silicon (Si).   GaN based power amplifier can be competitive candidates in power amplification. Silicone(Si) has been the material of choice fo rpower devi...
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