To Be Eco-friendly Manufacturer

Apple will not include a AC adatper or earbuds with the iPhone 12, as environmental reasons. Apple said it will be able to significantly reduce carbon emissions by not having to make the accessories in the first place, in addition to reducing the shipping box size of each iPhone sold.For the first time, neither the power charger brick nor the Apple EarPods will be included with your iPhone purchase. Apple says doing this will save 2 million metric tons of carbon annually.
Apple VP Lisa Jackson said that there are more than 2 billion power adapters in the world already, so continuing to include them in the box with the iPhone was wasteful. The company also said that more and more customers are switching to wireless charging methods.
As a professional mobile phone charger manufacturer,APS is quite eco- friendly too. We’ve taken numerous steps to make sure that our manufacturing process is as eco-friendly as possible.

1.Carry out frequent energy audits, try Embrace renewable energy
2.Review designs and materials regularly  as you may find that there is a something that can be altered that can make production more efficient.

  • 3.Manage waste effectively, recycle and re-use our waste things as we can

4.Choose environmentally conscious partners

5.Update your machinery and equipment, by investing in the new technology, you could potentially reduce your energy consumption while speeding up your whole production line.

Thanks to this, we’ve witnessed first-hand some of the benefits that sustainable manufacturing practices can bring. Below, we’ve listed some of the advantages our company can gain from eco-friendly manufacturer,
1.Lower costs
2.Improve company image. Becoming an eco-friendly enterprise can also do wonders for your company image, as more and more people are placing value in green practices due to their concerns about the environment
3. New market opportunities
4. Happier and more productive workforce.
APS is committed to being a leading provider of innovative and high quality power solutions including AC adatper, car charger, wall charger, mobile phone charger and power supply. We offer the widest range of power products, professional technical&customer support, and cost reduction programmes.

Post time: Nov-12-2020