UNINTERRUPTIBLE power supply features

1. Digital Control

UPS system for Lithium Iron Phosphate battery adopts digital control, which has excellent performance, high stability, self-maintenance and fault diagnosis ability, and avoids the risk of device fault.

2. Rack-type planning, Device Portable

UPS Battery Specification rack-type Planning, height of only 1U, simple appearance, convenient device. The planning elements of the rack-type modular unit greatly satisfy the characteristics of flexibility, easy installation, space saving and easy maintenance required by today’s small and medium-sized data centers. Light Weight, easy to transport, easy to move quickly from one site to another site.

3. The battery maintenance function

The battery Pack Adopts Independent Charger and intelligent charging, which improves the reliability and maintainability of the whole battery system. The power in battery form is more than 90% , and the power in market form is more than 98% . Perfect maintenance function, with battery over-under-voltage maintenance, over-voltage maintenance, output under-voltage alarm, output short circuit, over-temperature and other maintenance functions.

4. The parallel

system is modular structure, which is composed of static switch module, monitoring module and n power modules in parallel. The module N + X is redundant and can be upgraded and expanded on line according to User’s requirement. Any power module has input, output and charging power balance distribution function.

5. Liquid Crystal Display

this series of lithium battery UPS uses both liquid crystal display and LED dual displays to give users a more intuitive understanding of UPS operating conditions and operating parameters, such as input and output voltage and frequency load cells at machine temperature, make everything clear.

6. Intelligent Monitoring Function

intelligent communication interface, standard RS232 communication interface, DC remote on-line debugging and monitoring power system operation, simplify network management, and improve the reliability of the system.


Post time: Jun-09-2020