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Established in 2007, Advanced Product Solution Technology CO., LTD(APS). is located at Dongguan, Guangdong, China. APS offers quality service from in-house innovative design, sourcing, manufacturing, quality control and logistics. We are a global supplier provide exceptional Power Supply from concept to delivery all under one roof.

APS is committed to being a leading provider of innovative and high quality power solutions including Power Supply, Open Frame Power Supply(PCBA), and custom innovative eletronic products. We offers the widest range of power products, professional technical&customer support, and cost reduction programmes.

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    APS Specializing in PCB circuit board production, SMT patch processing, DIP plug-in, PCBA testing, finished product assembly, packaging logistics and other one-stop electronic manufacturing services! High Quality Plate Quality Process PCB Assembly sample, small batch users all choose to order in the short order. Help engineers to better and faster complete PCBA R&D tasks, and quickly achieve PCBA manufacturing and help customers to win the best time for listing and gain a competitive adva...


    When it comes to the PCBA Electronic Circuit BOARD industry, everyone will definitely think of meticulous and cautious descriptions. Indeed, the precision industry needs to be very careful and meticulous no matter which step it is in. Often a seemingly unimportant little detail will lead to the failure of the entire instrument component. scrapped. Just like to pay attention to electrostatic protection when processing pcba, sometimes we will find that the product cannot be used when we use it....

  • How fast is USB PD charging?

    Given the variable nature of USB PD charging and the wide range of battery capacities, it’s impossible to give a precise speed for the standard. Very broadly speaking though, large battery capacity phones charge to full using 18W USB Power Delivery in a little over an hour. Large capacity laptops using 65W charging can take between an hour or two. Unlike laptops, smartphones generally don’t like to use high voltages to charge their batteries. Typically, smartphone fast charging uses 5V or 9V...

  • What is the differences for different power adapter in prices?

    Customers or consumers often respond that why is the price of the power adapter with the same rated power so different on the market? Some even double or double? Once upon a time, the slogan of 1 watt 1 yuan rang all over the power supply industry, but today, many 36W power adapters are priced below 20 yuan, so should it really be changed to 1 watt and 5 cents? Looking at the high-end power adapter products in the same industry from another angle, although the price is also falling all the wa...