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2007 жылы негізі қаланған, Advanced Өнім Solution технологиясы CO., LTD (APS). Дунгуань, Гуандун провинциясы, Қытай орналасқан. , Дайындау, сапасын бақылау және логистика іздеуде, камералдық инновациялық жобалаудан бастап ұсыныстар сапалы қызмет APS. Біз жаһандық жеткізуші барлық бір шатырдың астында жеткізу үшін тұжырымдамасынан айрықша электрмен жабдықтау болып табылады.

APS электрмен жабдықтау, Open Frame Power Supply (PCBA), және теңшелетін инновациялық eletronic өнімдерін қоса инновациялық және жоғары сапалы электр шешімдердің жетекші жеткізушісі болып ұмтылады. Біз электр өнімдерін, кәсіби-техникалық және тұтынушыларды қолдау, және шығындарды азайту бағдарламаларын кең ауқымын ұсынады.

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    The USB Type-C connector is seen progressively as a widespread connector, since it can uphold quite a few “substitute modes”. That essentially means that your mobile devices turns off the USB association (at least potentially, except for USB 2.0) and permits the utilization of those actual wires for something different. Two of these substitute modes are HDMI and DisplayPort. There’s no benefit in many monitors to help HDMI through Type-C. For one purposes, the video outputs ...

  • PD 3.0 and QC 3.0-PD 3.0 and QC 3.0 Are Not the Same as “Fast Charging”

    PD 3.0 and QC 3.0 Are Not the Same as “Fast Charging” While looking at various electronic devices, you may have seen the term “fast charging”. What does this have to do with PD 3.0 or QC 3.0? In a word, nothing. It’s simply a measurement of how fast a battery can charge. In general, a standard 1 amp charger charges at 5 watts, which is ordinary USB. Conversely, fast charging batteries can charge at 12 watts or higher. The main advantage of fast charging is that you can charge very quickly whe...

  • PD 3.0 and QC 3.0-1

    PD and QC is very confusing for ordinary people, as they didn’t know that quick charge depends on both the fast charger and the smartphone.  Today we are going to explain details. Nowadays, when we saw a new USB charger, you may get notice that lots of advertising about PD3.0 and QC 3.0.  Theese  technologies have been integrated into a number of fast charger products, including various portable wall charger.  At first glance, they might look like the same thing. After all, both technologies ...

  • High price for freight rate makes no margins for Fast Charger industry, whose fault?

    As a fast charger factory in China, our 70% orders are exported to US and Europe countries, however the sea freight cost is nearly a double for US lines, also extended shipping date make our customer crazy.   Some feedback from our customer “My God, we pay 215% increase in shipping. “ “Hi Ada, I am sorry for that we have drop the project now as the Spain is locked down again“ “Please wait to deliver, I have not ordered container yet, it is crazy that I have to confirm the price within half an...