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اسان جي باري ۾

2007 ع ۾ قائم ڪئي، اعلي درجي شئ جو حل ٽيڪنالاجي جي ناتي.، ل (ٿیل). Dongguan، گوائگنڊونگ، چين تي واقع آهي. ۾-گھر نت جوڙجڪ کان اڇن معيار جي خدمت ٿیل، sourcing جي صنعت، معيار جي قبضي ۽ سنڀار. اسان هڪ عالمي فراهم ڪرڻ وارو سڀ هڪ ڇت هيٺ پهچائڻ لاء تصور کان ھجيس بجلي جي فراهمي جي مهيا ڪري رهيا آهن.

ٿیل بجلي جي فراهمي جي، کليل فريم بجلي جي فراهمي جي (PCBA)، ۽ رواج نت eletronic شين سميت نت ۽ اعلي معيار طاقت حل جو هڪ اهم ترين مهيا پئي لاء پرعزم آهي. اسان اقتدار جي شين، ور فني ۽ ڪسٽمر جي حمايت، ۽ خرچ گهٽتائي پروگرامن جي گهڻ جي حد تائين مليو آهي.

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    The common terms used in power adapters are: Output Voltage: the voltage that the adapter outputs to power the device. Output Current: the amount of current that the adapter outputs to power the device. Input Voltage: the voltage that the adapter requires from the power source to operate. Input Current: the amount of current that the adapter requires from the power source to operate. Power Rating: the maximum amount of power that the adapter can supply to the device. Efficiency: the ratio of...

  • Solutions for Charger Failure to Charge

    We Announces Solutions for PD Charger Failure to Charge APS is a leading provider of charging technology solutions, has announced the launch of new products aimed at addressing the issue of PD charger failure to charge. PD chargers, or Power Delivery chargers, are a popular type of charger that use USB-C connections to deliver high-speed charging to devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. However, when these chargers fail to charge, it can be frustrating for users who rely on them...


    APS Specializing in PCB circuit board production, SMT patch processing, DIP plug-in, PCBA testing, finished product assembly, packaging logistics and other one-stop electronic manufacturing services! High Quality Plate Quality Process PCB Assembly sample, small batch users all choose to order in the short order. Help engineers to better and faster complete PCBA R&D tasks, and quickly achieve PCBA manufacturing and help customers to win the best time for listing and gain a competitive adva...


    When it comes to the PCBA Electronic Circuit BOARD industry, everyone will definitely think of meticulous and cautious descriptions. Indeed, the precision industry needs to be very careful and meticulous no matter which step it is in. Often a seemingly unimportant little detail will lead to the failure of the entire instrument component. scrapped. Just like to pay attention to electrostatic protection when processing pcba, sometimes we will find that the product cannot be used when we use it....